The Ring Floodlight Camera has become a common request and recommendation in our Smart Home Solutions. We feel Ring nailed it with this comprehensive home security device, aesthetically it looks great but it also packs a serious technology punch. The ability to customize the device easily via the app for your unique environment and individual client preferences make this a Saint Louis, MO crime fighting must have. Virtual Home Services of St. Louis, a Ring Premier Partner, can help you determine if a floodlight camera or a Ring X line floodlight camera installation is right for you. We offer end to end services including adding electric service to potential floodlight camera locations.

Seconds Matter

When your property or even your life is on the line, seconds matter. Our area has been plagued with cars being broken into or stolen. Maplewood recently reported a 126% increase for car thefts in late 2020 vs 2019, St. Louis County reported a 16% uptick, and St. Louis City reported a 6% increase in an already constant and active car theft percentage. While we don’t have a guaranteed crime stopping device, A VHS installed Ring Floodlight Cam gives you the few extra seconds that can change the outcome of crime. The Floodlight Cam has a built-in 270 degree motion detector that automatically activates the Floodlight Cam and is meant to scare the potential criminal by illuminating the area for optimal recordings. The Ring Floodlight Cam will light up the area and start recording video as soon as motion is detected.

Two Way Audio, Light Control, and Built-In Siren

A Ring Floodlight camera can help protect your home with a motion-activated security camera and built-in LED floodlights. The app based security device let’s the homeowner and app users see what’s happening via live stream, review previous recordings, turn lights on/off, speak to visitors via two way audio, and sound the siren when you need to – all from your phone or tablet. If you see something going on around your home you can yell at the criminals and hopefully scare them away as well as the siren has proven effective in many thwarted crimes posted online.

Customizable Recording Zones and Features

Adjust your Ring Floodlight Camera and its 140 degree viewing area to receive more relevant notifications. Simply drag and draw custom motion zones up to 30 ft away from your device via the Ring App. You can have up to three motion zones for each camera. Our security focused clients set up motion zone stages with their critical area identified and labeled to give them more time when it matters most.

VHS fell in love with the people only mode introduced in mid 2020. This new feature allows you to minimize the false alarms and de-sensitizing alerts. Once turned on you will only get alerts from the device when it spots a person. This is incredibly valuable if you live near a busy intersection or have lots of wildlife in your area. To have your Ring Floodlight Installed in St. Louis, St. Louis County and the surrounding areas fill out a VHS Contact Form.

No Electric No Problem!

VHS now has a construction team which includes a licensed electrician for all of your St. Louis Electrician needs. We will come evaluate your home for FREE and recommend the prime locations for a Ring Floodlight Cam Install.

Did you know?

Did you know that Ring works with your other Amazon products to create a cool experience and an even better peace of mind. The Ring Skill connects any Ring Security Camera to your Echo Show, Echo Spot, Echo speakers, FireTVs or FireTablets. Place one of these in your home office, kitchen or family room and pull up the camera’s live view at any time without having to use your phone. “Alexa show me the front door” and boom you can tell those pesky solicitors you’re not interested in an extended home warranty. Unless you’re selling Girl Scout Cookies…. Move along.

About VHS:

The founders of VHS have each worked in the technology industry for 12+ years and have the unique perspective of growing up without cell phones to now being surrounded by technology that would make the Jetson’s jealous. Our passion for technology along with our desire to teach people how to use it is what VHS was born out of.

Our mission is to build a company that is focused on providing our clients with the resources and training to seamlessly integrate smart home technology into their busy lives. VHS hopes to become your personal technology gurus for many years to come while giving back to the communities we serve and creating a company, culture, and family that people want to be a part of.

VHS supports the installation of a wide variety of Saint Louis Smart Home technology services. All work is completed by background checked and vetted professionals. Kick your feet up while we upgrade your home from the 80’s today!

Smart Home Installation Services Included

  • On site consultation to discuss what solution fits your family best
  • Hardware procurement/purchasing
  • Installation and configuration of new devices
  • Connect devices to existing WiFi network or install new network
  • Configure device preferences
  • Connect peripheral devices to the network (printers, TVs, iPads, etc)
  • User training