The VHS Group: New Home and Business Builds

At The VHS Group, we understand that building a new home or business from the ground up is an exciting endeavor, but it can also be complex and demanding. From foundation to roof, every detail matters. That’s why The VHS Group offers a comprehensive service that combines world-class design with a technology-focused approach, ensuring that your new build exceeds your expectations in every way.

Need our services for your new home or business build?

Structured Cabling and Integrated Internet, Phone, and Cable Services

One of the key aspects of a successful new build is a seamless technology infrastructure. The VHS Group not only provides expert design and installation of technology solutions that are the backbone of your home or business but also offers a unique service – brokering your Internet Service Provider (ISP) choice. We ensure you get the best speeds at the best prices, managing the entire process, including the installation of your internet circuit. This is critical for an excellent Wi-Fi experience, ensuring that your home or business stays connected effortlessly.

Starting Early for Cost-Efficiency

More than just a remodel, a new build requires meticulous planning from the outset. The VHS Group believes in being involved as soon as possible in the building process to reduce costs, complexity, and the potential for rework. We work closely with your builder, general contractor, and interior designer to obtain drawings, designs, and introduce ourselves to the project, ensuring that your technology needs are seamlessly integrated from the beginning.

Collaboration with Trades

In new home builds, just as in remodels, The VHS Group collaborates with a wide range of trades, including electricians, builders, plumbers, and more. We ensure that the technology infrastructure seamlessly integrates with other essential aspects of your project. This collaborative approach guarantees that your new home or business is not only functional but technologically advanced.

Crafting a Cohesive Technology Design

Our expertise extends beyond technology infrastructure. We specialize in crafting cohesive technology designs that bring together smart appliances, security systems, entertainment services, and more. Picture a world where your entire tech ecosystem works together seamlessly to simplify your life and enhance efficiency.

Choosing the Right Technology

Just like with remodels, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to technology in new builds. Each space is unique, and your technology choices should reflect that. Our team collaborates closely with you to select the appropriate tech solutions that align with your specific needs, preferences, and goals.

Aesthetics and Functionality

New builds are about more than just wires and gadgets; they’re also about aesthetics. The VHS Group, in partnership with our expert design team, helps you choose the perfect colors, sizes, and layouts to complement your new space. Our designs not only look appealing but are also optimized for functionality.

The Process

  • Early Involvement: We engage as early as possible, working alongside your builder, general contractor, trades and interior designer to ensure seamless technology integration.
  • Comprehensive Planning: Our experts create a detailed technology plan that includes structured cabling, technology selection, purchases and integration, interior design, and futureproofing.
  • Meticulous Execution: Our experienced contractors and technicians bring your vision to life with precision, ensuring every detail is executed flawlessly.
  • Seamless Integration: We integrate technology seamlessly with other essential elements of your build, ensuring it becomes an integral part of your space.
  • Quality Assurance: Rigorous quality checks are conducted to ensure everything works perfectly, and we provide training and support for your technology.

Elevate Your New Space with The VHS Group

When it comes to new home and business builds, The VHS Group is your trusted partner. We transform your spaces into hubs of innovation, technology, and style, all while ensuring cost-efficiency and future readiness. Contact us to embark on your journey of building a space that’s not just beautiful but also technologically advanced and future-ready. Your dream space begins with The VHS Group.