Smart Lighting Installation: Smart and Fun for Every Space

At The VHS Group, we specialize in transforming our clients homes and businesses with simple to advanced smart lighting solutions, increasing energy efficiency, functionality and providing an extra layer of security by bringing the space to life with automation when you aren’t there. Our team of installation experts focus on creating an impactful, easy to use lighting experience that fits your budget and lighting needs.

Want to see what we can do with smart lighting in your home?

Our Smart Lighting Services

We offer a wide range of smart lighting installations, from efficient LED lights and smart bulbs to comprehensive control and automation systems like Lutron. Our services include setting up WiFi Network integrated light fixtures or switches, automated dimming capabilities, and state-of-the-art motion sensor technology. Our team will also invest the time with you to train you on any applications or programming so that you feel comfortable making simple changes on your own.

While we do provide simple solutions like voice-controlled smart bulbs, our expertise shines in creating robust, fully automated lighting systems that integrate seamlessly with your smart home devices and pace of life.

Benefits of Smart Lighting

Smart lighting control is more than voice control or changing the color of your kid’s favorite lamp bulb to green or red—it’s about energy savings, enhanced security with lights turning on and off depending on the time of day, and creating the perfect ambiance in your favorite spaces. With our various smart home lighting solutions such as smart dimmers, switches, motion sensing technology, and compatibility with voice control systems like Alexa and Google, we provide lighting solutions that adapt to the pulse of your home while making life a tad more simple.

Why Choose The VHS Group?

The VHS Group thinks about each project from the view of our clients. This is seen in our constant communication, project flow and our design approach. We look at each environment, listen to the family’s or clients talk about how they use their spaces and how they would like to use the spaces. We do not allow our partners or vendors to pressure us into selling you a product you do not need or want. We will only recommend a solution we would recommend for our families. We also keep our eye on the future so you can remain in the present and our team will keep you up to date regarding smart home lighting advances and options.

We believe we have you covered with our solutions from LED lights to outdoor lighting, and from light switches or bulbs to advanced control systems. These solutions allow The VHS Group to tailor each installation to our clients unique needs and budgets.

Let’s Get You Started!

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