Motorized Shades: Stylish, Smart, and Seamless for Every Space

At The VHS Group, we’re not just installing motorized roller shades; we’re redefining your home’s ambiance and convenience. Our motorized window treatments are designed to add elegance, improve energy efficiency, and provide that essential layer of privacy and security. Whether you’re home or away, our automated shades ensure your space is always set just right.

Need motorized shades installed in your home or business?

Our Motorized Shades Services:

From chic cordless roller shades, sophisticated roman shades, cellular shades, or even solar shade options, our product catalog range covers every window’s need. We integrate smart home technology for seamless control at the touch of a button– think remote control or as simple as a voice command with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Our team is dedicated to guiding you through the selection process, ensuring your shades fit not only your windows but also your lifestyle and budget.

Benefits of Motorized Shades

Imagine waking up to the blinds letting in light at your desired wake up time or telling your favorite virtual assistant that it’s “movie time” and the room goes dark. With scheduling, as it is getting dark your shades can close to add a level of privacy to the outside world. Motorized shades offer more than just light control. They offer energy efficiency by optimizing natural light and maintaining consistent temperatures. They’re also about your comfort, allowing you to adjust light filtering, room darkening, and privacy with just a touch or voice control. And with our UV protection and blackout options, you have complete control over your environment.

Why Choose The VHS Group?

At The VHS Group, we take a client-centric approach. We listen to how you live and what you need, designing window treatment and window covering solutions that are aesthetic centered focused on enhancing your everyday life. We’re not here to upsell – we’re here to provide the right solution for you, whether that’s simple battery-powered or solar powered shades or a full smart home automation system.

How it Works:

Our motorized window shades or smart blinds offer this convenience with options for Wi-Fi connectivity, hubs, timers, and compatibility with major smart home systems. New construction projects can be pre-wired with ethernet for PoE (Power Over Ethernet) motors or the proper low-voltage cabling for the different 12v-35v drivers. Retrofitting has never been easier with multiple brands offering battery powered solutions. Our design team will ensure we provide the proper solution for your unique needs.

At The VHS Group, we take a client-centric approach.

Let’s Get You Started!

Transform your space with the stylish functionality of motorized shades from The VHS Group. Contact us to explore our range of motorized shades with all of the various power options and discover how they can enhance your home. Let’s make even your windows smart and stylish – click below to schedule with us!