The Vision

Welcome to The VHS Group, where our vision is to revolutionize the way technology is integrated into homes and businesses. Imagine a future where your home or workplace boasts smart technology that would make even the Jetsons jealous. If you don’t get the reference then you are missing out. This is the vision that drives us forward.

Want us to work on your home?

Technology Shouldn’t Be an Afterthought:

We’ve observed a common trend where technology is often treated as an afterthought for homes and businesses. To illustrate, consider the way people shop for cars. They focus on advanced features like self-driving capabilities, touch screens, immersive audio, blind spot detection, and more. However, when it comes to home or business technology, we often find ourselves retrofitting solutions, like low-voltage cabling, after the fact.

We know that we’re far more efficient when we’re involved early in the process, with open walls and ceilings in new construction, allowing us to seamlessly integrate technology from the ground up.

We want to shift home and business decision makers to think of technology as you would any other trade allowing us a better chance of providing a “WOW!” outcome.

AI and Rapid Innovation

At The VHS Group, we’re forward-thinkers. Our team is committed to staying at the forefront of technology trends and innovations. We foresee a wave of groundbreaking home and business technology products emerging in the next decade. Think robots, drones, smart furniture, appliances, medical devices, and more. Our dedication to rapid innovation means we’re always ready to bring the latest advancements to our clients. Don’t stress though if this makes you nervous. We are in exciting times and our team will be here to help you navigate the future, you focus on the now.

Rapid Expansion and a Diverse Team

Our vision extends beyond our current footprint. We plan to rapidly expand our brand across the Midwest and then nationally. Our growth strategy includes various franchise models, from conversion franchises to business format franchises. But it’s not just about numbers; it’s about people. We aim to assemble a diverse team of individuals who bring innovative ideas and deep connections to their local communities, ensuring that The VHS Group remains rooted in local trust and experience excellence.

Home Technology Centers:

Imagine a space where clients can step into the future of technology, customized to their preferences and integrated seamlessly into their daily lives.

This is our vision for VHS Home Technology Centers (HTCs), where clients can experience technology like never before. These centers will serve as hubs of innovation, showcasing customized layouts and favorite brands to create unique and practical solutions. Hopefully, coming to a city near you!

The VHS Group is more than just a technology provider; we’re your partner in creating a future where technology seamlessly enhances every aspect of your life.

The Most Trusted Home and Business Tech Partners:

Ultimately, our vision is to become the most trusted technology partner for homes and businesses. We strive to be the go-to experts, delivering not just products and services but also peace of mind. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and community engagement will always remain at the core of our mission. Join us on this journey to redefine technology for homes and businesses.