The Process

At VHS, our founders began their journey in the business world, selling and deploying technologies for diverse clients, from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. This experience honed their skills in effective project management, crystal-clear communication, adherence to deadlines, and a commitment to exceeding expectations.

In our office, you’ll often hear, “We treat homeowners like CEOs.” This mantra underscores our commitment to not just meet, but surpass our clients’ expectations.

Our pursuit of world-class service extends to our commercial clients as well. Choosing VHS means embarking on a “No Surprises” project. Our work, intricate and multi-faceted, involves numerous vendors, trades, and variables. We manage the entire process, ensuring timely communication about any challenges or changes.

We strive for perfection but acknowledge our human nature. Mistakes happen, but we own them, learn from them, and importantly, prevent their recurrence.

Want to see what we can do for your home?

The 4-Step Process

Step 1: Engage

Your journey starts the moment you reach out – via email, phone, contact form, or even a smoke signal! We’re eager to begin the dialogue. The engagement involves an initial discussion, hassle-free scheduling with our Project Coordinator, and an in-depth, in-person meeting to understand your needs. After this, we’ll be ready to provide a formal quote or a detailed design.

Step 2: Design & Planning

With Step 1 complete, the exciting part begins. Our team’s creativity kicks into gear as we start drafting your custom solution. Straightforward projects get a quote within 24 hours. More complex endeavors take additional time, requiring coordination with vendors and partners. Once you give the go-ahead, we move to Step 3.

Step 3: Install and Training

This is where the action happens. The initial deposit covers the necessary hardware for your project. We order everything and keep you updated on arrival dates for efficient scheduling. Our team also pre-configures equipment where possible. During this phase, we might assist you remotely with app downloads or account setups (e.g., Ring, SONOS). Step 3 concludes with the final cleanup and your approval, confirming the project meets your satisfaction.

Step 4: Wrap Up

Success! Enjoy the results of our work, whether it’s a new home theater, an advanced video doorbell, or an upgraded WiFi network so your business and team can work more effectively. Our team provides post-install documentation, training, and support. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships, so when you’re ready for your next project, just revisit Step 1 and we’ll be here to start anew.