Simply put, the answer is YES! You should absolutely get a video doorbell. We’ve all seen the awesome Ring videos on the internet at this point. Some show the funny, heart warming, uplifting clips of the wonderful families around the world. Some show the sad and scary and downright dangerous sights of real life. They remind us to stay vigilant, to trust but verify and that it’s time to fight back against residential crime. Since their inception the video doorbell industry has constantly been innovating to keep us all safe and connected. There is no simpler way to increase your residential security than to add a video doorbell to your entrances. Home Security has never been more vital; our social media, online and local news outlets are all reporting the same increases in car and home break ins. We at VHS hope that every one of our Video Doorbell installations in St. Louis helps drive that number down one at a time. If you are looking for some guidance regarding the brands, common features, things to consider when making your decision and some cool ways the doorbell can tie into your home and other smart devices… on.

The Who’s Who of Ring Doorbells

As with any technology you have your main players and then the off brand up and comers. We chose to stick with the more well known brands this go around. Ring, Google Nest, Arlo via NetGear, and SimpliSafe. With some of the largest companies in the world backing these brands its easy to see why they are so feature packed and innovating constantly. Most cameras in these line ups offer:

  • Between 155 and 180 degrees of recording views
  • Up to 1080p resolution with some just under that
  • Cloud storage with a few on the market that store on a local device
  • Two way audio so you can tell the local sales gals and guys that you’re not interested from your smartphone anywhere, anytime.
  • Smart Home IFTTT, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integrations

Battery and Solar vs Hardwired

Determining which type of video doorbell is not always easy. We at VHS look at a few things for our clients. Here is what we evaluate:

  • What is the current doorbell? Wired or digital with a battery?
  • Where is the current doorbell located? This allows us to look at the dimensions available and the mounting surface for the smart doorbell installation.
  • What type of chime is connected to the doorbell? If it is mechanical or digital may have an effect on the type of doorbell recommended and or the required hardware for the installation.
  • What type of transformer is currently installed in the home? Most of the video doorbells require a 16-24 volt step down transformer to operate correctly.

Things to Consider in Your Purchase:

With some of the more advanced models you can cut down on false alerts from street traffic, blowing leaves or garden flags and of course wildlife. You will for sure see a spider or two at some point. Look for some of the following features to ensure you live a headache free video doorbell experience:

  • People only mode
  • Custom motion zones that allow you to specify exactly where you want the camera to record motion events
  • Does your doorbell need a wedge mount because of porch or architectural obstructions?
  • Color or standard night vision options
  • Facial Recognition technology
  • Some doorbells require subscriptions for access to advanced features and recordings. You can expect to pay $3 and up for these services but once you try them in the free trial we find most people are hooked!

But What Else Can it Do For Me?

Most video doorbells allow for the integration of a technology called IFTTT (If this then that). With this technology you can create automations that work with other smart home devices such as lighting, smart locks and home security sirens. One of VHS of STL’s favorite Video Doorbell Install upgrades is installing or configuring the homes that utilizes Amazon’s Alexa platform to be able to show them the video doorbells on the compatible displays. If you’ve never seen these check them out HERE. You can simply say, “Alexa, show me the front door” and you will be looking live at your front door and can converse with the person at the door live. Order your girl scout cookies virtually or tell the lawn care sales guy to kick rocks from the comfort of your couch.

Did you know

-In early 2020, stats showed 1.7 million packages a day are stolen in America. That is not a typo.

-St. Louis City, County and surrounding counties all are reporting an uptick in car theft and vehicle break ins.

-VHS has an electrician to wire your doorbell from the transformer to the outside of your home.

-VHS is a Ring Premier Partner and can get you access to the Ring X Line Products? Ask us for more details.

-Some clients use the Video doorbell as a way to let their kids in? Imagine your kids get home from school, they ring the doorbell and you see their smiling faces at home. You can quickly unlock the door in the same app, and then lock it behind them. The same use case could use a smart garage door opener. Just a fun, safe and simple way to use your video doorbell for more than policing porch pirates.

Virtual Home Services of St. Louis can help you as much or as little as you need. VHS offers free consultations for our clients with the goal of providing you the worlds best in home service experience. VHS of St. Louis Video Doorbell Install teams come with the tools and expertise needed to quickly and safely mount your new video doorbell. Our team will go the extra mile for you to ensure you video doorbell is configured to the environment, custom motion zones are set up, additional users can access the camera but not the settings and more. If you are ready to go fill out our contact form on our website and a team member will be in touch with you asap. Occasionally appointment windows the same day are available! Contact Us Today for your St. Louis, MO Video Doorbell Installation.