At VHS, we have always strived to provide you with cutting-edge home technology solutions. We’ve helped you modernize your living spaces with WiFi upgrades, smart thermostats, and a myriad of other smart home features. Now, we’re thrilled to introduce our latest service offering: home security alarms that don’t just protect your home, but integrate seamlessly with your existing smart home systems.

Why Upgrade to a Smart-Integrated Home Security System?

Traditional security systems offer a basic level of protection, but our new smart-integrated alarm systems are designed to elevate both your safety and convenience. Imagine your smart bulbs turning on the moment a sensor detects an unwelcome presence, or your smart lock automatically engaging as soon as you step out the door. The possibilities are endless, but one thing is certain: this is not your grandparents’ security system.

What Sets Our New Offering Apart?

We offer a comprehensive system that comes with a state-of-the-art panel costing just $499. But that’s not all! You will also receive a $450 credit which you can use to customize your system with various sensors such as open/close door-window sensors, smoke alarms, motion detectors, smart bulbs, and outlets. This is not just a one-size-fits-all package, but a flexible security solution tailored to fit the unique needs of your home.

24/7 Monitoring

Your peace of mind is our priority. That’s why our smart-integrated alarm systems come with 24-hour monitoring services, ensuring that you and your loved ones are safe around the clock.

Easy Integration with Existing Smart Home Systems

Our alarm systems are designed to work harmoniously with most smart home technologies. Whether you have smart lighting, audio, locks, or utilize geo-fencing, our new service offering enhances these features by integrating them into a unified home security solution.

Are you ready to take your home security to the next level? We’re offering consultations to discuss how our smart-integrated alarm systems can benefit you. Book your consultation now.