We all grew up daydreaming of what the future would hold for us. What will I be like when I am older? What type of house will I have? What will the world be like in 5, 10, 20 years from now? Will I live on the moon or Mars? VHS teammates also daydreamed about flying cars and Jetson (look it up if you don’t it) style homes as seen on Saturday morning cartoons. Our team thinks that most of us can agree that the “Sci-Fi” technology seen in those high budget, 80’s movies have come to life, minus teleportation. However, we are super hopeful that someone is going to have this ready for our retirements. In all seriousness, the current generations have seen the greatest shift in technology that the human race has ever seen. We walk around with the world in our pockets, the 4 corners of the world shrunken to a few swipes and a thumbprint away. We can video chat with someone on the other side of the world, look up our personalized DNA map and ancestry, run a business from a beach, apply funny smart camera filters to all of my relatives photos, check my heart rate and oxygen levels on my smartwatch and my car can self drive me home. HOW COOL IS THAT… RIGHT?!?! Well, some of you agree and some don’t.

Recently, VHS has received lot of feedback about how smart home technology “freaks” people out. The above benefits pointed out can cause a lot of anxiety and our VHS ownership team totally gets it. As is with anything new, society and the old way of doing things keep a watchful eye on anyone talking of doing ANYTHING new. Not many people enjoy change or really the act of change but don’t mind it once it’s the new normal. VHS feels that is where we are now with Smart Home technology. Many Americans do not trust the technologies or the manufacturers themselves and feel that these amenities invite an invasion of privacy. This concern partnered with legislative immaturity, the governments ability to tweak privacy laws to their liking, and/or how the government may or may not interact with various smart home manufacturers and voila “technology anxiety”. The government topic gets most yelling so we avoid it often, so moving on.

Virtual Home Services,LLC d.b.a. VHS of STL was founded on making technology fun, affordable, and easy to use. VHS knows that you have a lot of questions and our patience and ability to simplify the complex is something we pride ourselves on. VHS is constantly staying up to date with the market and “new stuff” so you don’t have to. VHS of St. Louis sits with you and your family, walking you through how we have made your home and network more simple and secure so you feel empowered and don’t end up in the news talking about how your #smarthome got hacked. VHS feels that by enabling your home with #SmartTechnology along with a #Secure #HomeNetwork, we can give you #PeaceOfMind, #Time back in your day and someone you #Trust to help keep you in your technology comfort and budget level while opening you up to new ones.

VHS firmly believes that once we can develop that trust with our team, we can help you plug life enablement technology into your fly out of bed, try to get coffee made for yourself, check in with your grandma/aunt/spouse who is on a work trip and gets really sad if you don’t emoji them as soon as your eyes open, check emails from your boss who doesn’t sleep, call your kids school to let them know you are picking them up early for a dentist appointment…”wait thats today”, get them in the car but its your turn to carpool and you don’t have the new kids address all before 8am days.

Life is difficult enough as is. VHS is about making life simple. Technology doesn’t mean wires and creepy robot voices in every room of your life. It can be the small stuff that adds up to giving you some of those precious moments in life back to enjoy your coffee a bit longer, or laugh with the kids in the morning cause they have a shirt on backwards. Maybe its having the ability to let the dog out from anywhere so you don’t have to rush home, or being able to lock the doors or turn on/off the lights to save some money or increase security. Regardless of where you are with your technology knowledge and comfort level know VHS appreciates you for being our client and you have our entire team behind you trying to make home life simply smart.

Contact Virtual Home Services, LLC today if you are in the St. Louis, MO. and surrounding area if you are looking for a #FreeSmartHomeConsultation. Our #LocalTeam will sit with you to discuss what you have in your home, let you dream up where we can help or sit back and let us paint the art of what IS possible.

  • Smart Doorbells
  • Smart Thermostats
  • Smart Locks
  • Smart Cameras
  • Smart Lighting/Outlets
  • Smart Hubs
  • Most “Other” Smart Devices
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Home Network Install/Upgrade
  • Consulting/Design

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